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Beautiful, Simple
Keepsake Ideas

(Tell us about yours!)


'Growing Up' Keepsake

Engrave the baby's name birthdate, weight and height at birth, time of birth, place of birth... Enjoy collecting all things associated with growing up. The ultrasound photos, hospital ID bands, umbilical cord(?), a lock of hair from that first hair cut,  that first lost tooth (that the tooth fairy forgot to take), school artifacts... so many possibilities! And you get to hand it over when they're old enough to appreciate it.


Wedding Keepsake

Inscribe your names on the box, your wedding date, and perhaps a favourite verse, your vows, how you met, or a quote etched on the inside cover. Store all those little things that made the day special. Dried corsages, speeches, tiny table decorations, the wedding program, cards, little things old, new, borrowed, blue. If not for you, give as a gift to a bride and groom!


Special Day Keepsake

These keepsakes can be a part of any great moment; the marking of a special event, or a significant milestone. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Graduations, even as part of a gift presentation for Holidays. Fill it with chocolates or goodies; be creative. Presentation counts: It's not only about what's inside the box, but also about the box itself!


In Memoriam Keepsake

Loved ones. Keep them in memory. Memorabilia representing things they loved. Their favorite small items. Notes they've written, perhaps years ago. Collectibles they would have wanted you to remember them by. The keepsake box makes for a timeless holder of these precious memories.

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